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USI’s American Timber Bridge (ATB) Services

USI is your resource for Pre-Engineered, Pre-Fabricated Treated Timber Bridge, and Bulk Storage Building products and services.

USI serves as ATB’s technical and sales representative for treated timber vehicular and pedestrian bridges, steel truss pedestrian bridges, timber bridge and approach guard rail, and bulk product storage buildings for sand and salt indoor storage.

USI has served as ATB’s Indiana site civil engineer since 1997.

In 2003, USI assumed the role of ATB’s Indiana sales force. By combining these services, we provide our clients the benefits of a full service engineering firm and manage all aspects of any unique timber bridge or bulk storage building project. Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated treated timber products offer an aesthetic alternative to modern construction materials. All ATB timber products utilize sustainably grown west coast Douglas Fir lumber that is treated with environmentally friendly Copper Naphthenate (CuNap), along with domestically sourced hardware and steel products.

For more information on American Timber Bridge (ATB) Products and Services please contact our office at: (317) 522.2475 or E-mail us at

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