USI Right-of-Way Services
USI’s Right-of-Way Services department represents a vital component to the success of our projects. Utilizing abstracting, survey data, and existing right-of-way information to facilitate the purchase of right-of-way, and easements; USI’s Right-of-Way department works to provide the necessary resources to advance projects for new construction limits pertaining to roads, bridges, sewers, ditches, and utility projects.

In addition, we provide the overall Right-of-Way project management services including title research, review appraisals, and the purchase of properties on highway and public improvement projects.

USI Consultants maintains a full staff of professional surveyors and technicians who work specifically with right-of-way issues, developing plats, descriptions, and the management of sub-consultant appraisers and buyers. For over nearly 30 years, our right-of-way staff has provided services to INDOT and local public agencies. Our dedicated staff identifies and resolves property line overlaps, gaps, and other clouds on title ensuring our clients the right-of-way purchased will hold up under inquiry and analysis.

Right-of-way acquisition is often a challenging aspect on many projects. However, with our team expertise, USI ensures projects always move forward on an aggressive schedule with minimal to no disruption and positive communication lines between the client and land owner.

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