Construction Management

USI Construction Management & Inspection
USI serves as your representative during the entire construction process. Whether it is our own project or another representing firm, we consistently ensure plan conformity, specification compliance, and quality control while committing to the success of every project.

As the owner’s on-site representative, USI provides periodic to full-time project management, inspection, and materials testing, based upon a project specific scope determined in a consultation with the owner. USI’s inspection team manages all project costs and documents the contractor’s work by utilizing Appia and SiteManager software.

  • Construction administration and inspection of state and local agency transportation construction projects in accordance with FHWA standards
  • Review and approval of shop drawings through our structural engineering department
  • Construction layout through our surveying department
  • Review and approval of pay applications for completed work, and of requests for change orders
  • Review plans and provide recommendations concerning project design and construction
  • Completion of post construction drawings

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