Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278


Kosciusko County Bridge #278 South Front Street over Turkey Creek

Kosciusko County Bridge #278
USI completed the design of this locally funded bridge rehabilitation project located in Syracuse Indiana. The existing side-by-side box beams with an asphalt overlay were replaced with side-by-side box beams with a concrete deck. The sidewalk was widened and new bridge rail was installed.

The existing substructure and sheet piling retaining walls were retained making the project tricky. Part of the mudwall had to be cut to make space for the new box beams and approach slab. New concrete wingwalls were built on the existing timber pile and new helical screw piles. Helical piles were used because of the close proximity of the aerial electric lines, which made it impossible for a crane to drive new piles. Cables tying the existing sheet piling retaining wall into deadman piles had to be avoided since the sheet piling was retained.

Additionally, sheet piling and modular block walls were installed along the causeway to eliminate the steep embankments, which were severely eroding and causing issues with the road. Coir logs and erosion control blankets with a special blend of slope stabilizing seed mixture was installed to help stabilize the embankment slopes and to help the area look more natural.

Luckily, we were able to discuss the project with the original contractor who built the bridge since we have long standing relationships in Kosciusko County. Attention to detail was very important to the stunning results of this bridge rehabilitation. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake in a recreational area. It was important to the county that the bridge fit well into its surroundings. We are very proud of the results of this bridge, which was made possible by the direction of Scott Tilden and others in Kosciusko County and by the vision of those at Northern Indiana Construction, who built this magnificent project.

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Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278 - Before Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278 – BEFORE
Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278 - Before Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278 – CONSTRUCTION PHASE
Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278
Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278
Kosciusko Co. Bridge #278