Hamilton County New Bridges #301 & #302


Hamilton County New Bridges #301 & #302

(Small Structure #31069 & #31008 Replacements)

Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302
USI recently completed the survey, design, and construction inspection of Hamilton County Bridge #302 (226th Street over Jay Ditch). The bridge is part of a dual small structure replacement/new bridge project incorporating GRS-IBS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System) technology.

Along Jay Ditch, two existing concrete box culverts were replaced because of inadequate hydraulic capacity, narrow road geometry, and deteriorating structural condition. The crossings are located two miles east of the Town of Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana.

The new single-span reinforced concrete slab bridges modernize the roadway geometry and improve the hydraulics of Jay Ditch. They eliminate the over-the-road flow during the 100-year storm and reduce the water impediment of the crossing.

The bridges are supported by GRS abutments, an economical bridge support method advocated through FHWA’s Every Day Counts Initiative. The GRS abutments consist of layering compacted granular fill, geotextile fabric, and prefabricated masonry blocks. This system provides an alternative to traditional pile-supported bridges, it can be used to accelerate bridge construction schedules, and possibly eliminate the use of a crane.

Hamilton County is one of four Indiana Counties adopting this new sustainable technology. The second bridge, Hamilton County Bridge #301 (Six Points Road over Jay Ditch), is on target for completion in May of 2016.

For more information on GRS-IBS bridge design technology and instruction, REGISTER ONLINE for the 102nd Annual Purdue Road School Transportation Conference and Expo. USI’s Paul Aikins and Scott Dick will be presenting, along with Faraz Khan, Hamilton County, and others, about GRS-IBS Construction – Lessons Learned.

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Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302 Original Box Culverts over Jay Ditch
Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302 Construction Management and Inspection of the GRS-IBS Structure
Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302 New Approach & Rail System
Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302
Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302
Hamilton County Bridges #301 & #302 Single-span Reinforced Concrete Slab