USI Principals and Executive Management Team

Ross Snider, PE - USI President

Ross Snider, PE – President   vcf_button

After joining USI in 1997, Mr. Snider brings over 30 years of experience in the design and management of a variety of civil engineering projects. His experience ranges from small structure replacements and intersection improvements to studies and design of expressway facilities with interchanges.

In addition, Ross has extensive expertise in stormwater drainage, site design, construction inspection, and land surveying dating back to the 1970s. His familiarity with all phases of project development and “constructability” issues ensures superior designs and services and creating successful client projects.

In June 2011, Ross became President of USI and oversees the daily operations and development of the firm. He continually works with the USI project managers and department managers by adding an extra layer of quality control and guarantees adequate resources are available to complete each project. Having involvement in every aspect of the project, he focuses on client services, funding, agreement and proposal preparation, cost accounting and invoicing, feasibility studies, design, public involvement, right-of-way, and construction.

In addition to his daily responsibilities at USI, Ross served on the Board of Directors of ACEC Indiana from 2003-2010 and was President from 2008-2009. He is a former chairman of the ACEC liaison committees with INDOT and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. From its inception in 2006 through 2010, Ross was a representative for the ACEC Indiana on “Team Indiana”, a coalition of representatives from the INDOT Executives Offices, ACEC Indiana, the Indiana Construction Association and utilities, working together to improve the delivery of INDOT and federal-aid local projects.

USI is very familiar with the procedures that INDOT adopted in March, 2009 to streamline all phases of Federal Aid Local Public Agency (LPA) projects. Details and a copy of the Guidance Document can be found at:
LPA Guidance Document

Ross served on the leadership committee that developed the Guidance Document. This experience allows USI to be fully aware of the impacts of this process and provide the maximum benefit to the client.


Phillip D. Beer II, PE, PS - USI Executive VP

Philip D. Beer II, PE, PLS – Executive Vice President  vcf_button

For over 20 years, Phil has served as a Vice President for USI focusing on project development. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Civil Engineering industry primarily in the designed and managed of transportation related projects throughout Indiana. Phil uses his extensive background in the replacement, inspection and/or repair of bridges to help clients maintain their infrastructure. He has helped the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Counties, Cities, Towns, and private clients complete hundreds of projects throughout his career.

Phil also works to help improve his profession by serving on ACEC and ISPLS legislative committees, working with state and national representatives and senators to increase funding for infrastructure nationwide and other legislation pertinent to engineering and land surveying. Phil serves as ACEC Indiana’s PAC Board Chairman, and as ACEC National PAC Champion for Indiana, and in 2013-2014 served as Chairman of ACEC National PAC. He also serves on the Board of Purdue’s Local Transportation and Assistance Program (LTAP) helping local public agencies (LPA’S) maintain and improve their roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

In addition to design and project management experience, Phil has specialized in the NBIS federal aid bridge inspection system. Years ago, Phil developed one of the first electronic data storage systems, utilizing PARADOX, for bridge inspections in Indiana. This technological innovation was later adopted by the INDOT as an industry standard for several years, until recently when Phil and a team from USI, along with our partners from InspectTech helped INDOT develop their latest bridge inspection software. He continues to be a leader in the bridge inspection field.

Personally, Phil remains active in his community (City of Westfield), helping with youth, middle and high school sports programs (football and wrestling) and through his church with weekends of service to those in need.


Mike Obergfell, PE - USI Vice President

Michael Obergfell, PE – Vice President  vcf_button

Mike has spent the last 25 years in the industry focused solely on bridge inspection, rehabilitation and replacement design projects. As a principal of USI, Mike oversees USI’s Bridge Design and Inspection Department, ensuring that adequate resources are available to meet each and every demand our clients bless us with the opportunity to work on.

Mike’s expertise in the bridge design and rehabilitation fields allow him to be an integral part of the design team on all projects from a high level review standpoint, so that necessary decisions can be made quickly during the development of the project.

Mike has completed hundreds of bridge rehabilitation projects in his career, and completed thousands of bridge inspections for INDOT and Indiana LPA’s. This experience allows Mike to assist our team in providing cutting edge, yet practical solutions based on years of insight in the bridge engineering community. Mike has dedicated, and continues to do so, a lot of his time to furthering the mission of improving our infrastructure statewide, by having served on numerous INDOT Structural and Liaison Committees over his career. He is currently leading a campaign through ACEC Indiana to promote further investment in our infrastructure through legislative action in the coming year, and commits to bringing this dedication to each and every project assigned to USI.

As the Vice President and Chief Structural Engineer at USI, Mike manages and oversees the USI Bridge Department and project development activities. He has over two decades experience in bridge engineering, inspection and construction, focuses on the design and analysis of bridge structures utilizing reinforced concrete, pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete, steel, and prefabricated treated timber. He possesses the expertise and working knowledge of INDOT, federal aid, and locally funded LPA projects. In addition to designing and managing countless bridge projects for INDOT and Local Public Agencies throughout Indiana, Mike has completed numerous bridge engineering assessment studies for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).