2014 ACEC Indiana Awards


Ceylon Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

Adams County Covered Bridge
ACEC Indiana awarded USI Consultants and Adams County officials an Engineering Excellence Merit Award for the Ceylon Covered Bridge Rehabilitation. This project rehabilitated the 134 year old bridge located near Geneva, Indiana.

The Ceylon Timber Covered Bridge, located near Ceylon in southern Adams County, Indiana, was originally built in 1879 to carry County Road 950 South over the Wabash River. Of the 23 known covered bridges to have once crossed the Wabash, this is the last still standing.

The project’s primary purpose was to rehabilitate and restore the Ceylon Covered Bridge as close to its original condition as possible and to strengthen the structure to safely carry pedestrian and bicycle traffic; and accommodate community gatherings and events.

The goal was to maintain the original craftsmanship and construction techniques observed during the in-depth inspection, to the extent possible, and to rehabilitate the bridge consistent with the Secretary of Interior Standards. USI conducted an in-depth inspection and determined the condition of all bridge components. Rehabilitation to the covered bridge included placing a new roof over the existing lathes; repairing or replacing diagonals; replacing all vertical rods; replacing and painting all siding; replacing upper and lower chord segments; replacing all of the timber deck, replacing bearing shoes, replacing floor beams; and repairing the abutments. USI completed the bridge design and construction management for Adams County. The bridge was re-opened to pedestrian use on July 10, 2012.