2013 ACEC Indiana Awards


Union Chapel Road – City of Noblesville

2013 ACEC Union Chapel RoadUSI Consultants was presented an Engineering Excellence Merit Award for the Union Chapel Road Project. USI performed surveying, road & bridge design, RW engineering and construction management.

The Union Chapel Road project included several phases of road, bridge and trail construction on the east side of Noblesville to provide an improved traffic and pedestrian thoroughfare from Greenfield Avenue (old SR 238) to State Road 32. USI was responsible for the construction management and inspection of phase 1, phase 2, phase 5, and landscaping. Prior to the beginning of phases 3 and 4, USI was also responsible for the early action projects that included a sanitary sewer project and clearing right-of-way with building demolition project. New traffic roundabouts were built at Greenfield Avenue, 166th Street, and Town & Country Boulevard.

Phase 1 included the extension of Town & Country Boulevard to the new alignment at Union Chapel Road. Three lanes of HMA pavement were constructed with storm sewer and a BMP structure, concrete curb and gutter, earthwork, a multi-use trail, ADA ramps, and pavement markings.

Phase 2 was the largest phase of the entire project and included 4 lanes of HMA pavement with two roundabout intersections, mass earthwork, storm sewers with two BMP structures, multi-use trails, decorative concrete, brick pavers, street lighting, pedestrian crossing signs, and pavement markings. This phase also included a large twin Conspan bridge structure at Stony Creek, bridge railing, concrete moment slabs, two Conspan pedestrian tunnels, cast-in-place concrete retaining walls, MSE walls, timber handrails, and other pedestrian handrails. Clearing the right-of-way, building demolition, and sanitary sewer were managed during the winter months ahead of the beginning of phase 3 and 4.

Phase 5 included the busy intersection of Union Chapel Road and Greenfield Avenue (SR 238). A roundabout was constructed at this location along with street lights, pedestrian crossing signs, decorative concrete, concrete curb gutter, ADA ramps, and brick pavers. The new roadway alignment included three lanes of HMA pavement, earthwork, multi-use trails, and vegetated swales and detention ponds to meet storm water quality detention requirements. Total construction cost was $12,600,000